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At The Movies

Another weekend of Summer to slide inside a cool dark theater for a movie. Enjoy! \m/   New in Theaters: “Mission Impossible” and “Teen Titans”   1.  “Mission Impossible – Fallout“  (PG-13)  Trailer     Tom Cruise returns as IMF agent Ethan Hunt.  In this one, he loses track of some plutonium while saving his team . . . Ving Rhames ... Read More »

All in an Officer’s Day at Work!

A New Jersey police officer saved a man’s life yesterday.   This was everywhere yesterday.   It’s bodycam video of a cop running alongside some railroad tracks because he’s trying to stop a train from hitting a guy in its path.   The guy was on the tracks and not moving for some reason.   The cop’s yelling at the ... Read More »

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

It’s not always as easy as you’d think.   Sometimes everything we try to do our best goes horribly wrong.   This mishap isn’t just something that happens at the office.   A woman tried to waterski in her bare feet, and it didn’t go well.   She’s in the water holding onto a large pole that’s hanging off the ... Read More »

Why’d The Beatle Cross The Road?

Good Question! It was 49 years ago on August 8th when the iconic photo which graces the cover of the Beatles Abby Road record was taken. As Paul gears up for the release of his solo record Egypt Station, he recreated the moment. In London Monday, July23rd, Paul McCartney and his band played a surprise show in Studio 2 of ... Read More »