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When Life Gives You Lemons…

You may be able to get reimbursed!   This is pretty good marketing, for a good cause:  Did you ever sell lemonade as a kid to make a little money?  Kids still do it today sometimes.  But occasionally they run into LEGAL TROUBLE.  Yeah, seriously.     In some areas, it’s technically illegal to sell lemonade without a permit.  And ... Read More »

Feel the Need for Speed…Again!

We’re getting pretty excited about the news of a Top Gun sequel!   Despite a two-year battle with throat cancer that took a serious toll on his health, VAL KILMER WILL return for the “Top Gun” sequel, “Top Gun: Maverick”!     Sources say he’s been spotted at the San Diego hotel that the production crew has been using since ... Read More »


June 6th, 1844 the YMCA was founded in London. It later came to the United States in 1851 when a branch was opened in Boston. Of course those initials almost always get us singing along with The Village People. Go ahead…take a break to bust one out with the boys! Here’s the Video for the 1978 hit YMCA! Enjoy! \m/ Read More »

Love is…

Blind, yet Beautiful!   Sometimes you see something so sweet you just have to share, this is one of those…   This may be the most heartwarming video of the year.   An elderly man in Ireland learned how to apply makeup to his wife . . . because she’s losing her sight.   She wanted to look good for ... Read More »