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Local News

Matching Funds Gave Boost To Florida Election Winners

Tallahassee, FL – With candidates setting a record this year for pulling in matching funds, Florida taxpayers contributed $4.2 million to the winning campaigns for governor and three Cabinet seats, according to the final totals for the 2018 elections. Another $5.65 million in tax dollars went to the campaigns of six unsuccessful statewide candidates, according to numbers posted Friday by ... Read More »

Florida Legislature Picks New Leaders Following Election

Tallahassee, FL – Following a closely contested election, the Florida Legislature will convene in an organization session Tuesday, formally electing new leaders and getting ready to deal with a new governor. The 40-member Senate will meet first and elect Sen. Bill Galvano, a 52-year-old Republican lawyer from Bradenton, as the chamber’s new president. He will lead the Senate during the ... Read More »

Daytona Team Name Contest Begins As Mobile Joins APL

Mobile, AL – Daytona Beach’s new professional football team finally has someone to play against. Mobile, Alabama becomes the second city to join the American Patriot League, over a month after league officials announced its formation and that Daytona would become the first city with a franchise. A “name the team” contest for both cities is underway through December 15th, ... Read More »