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Viral Videos

Hero, Randy Tompkins Dives into Action!

…And into a Moving Car thru the Window!!! A car started drifting into oncoming traffic near an intersection in Dixon, Illinois last Friday.  (About 100 miles west of Chicago.)   It turned out the driver was having a seizure.  And two cops pulled up behind him after they saw him drift through a red light.   But before they could ... Read More »

Look BEFORE You Leap!

It’s Summer!!!  BBQs, Beach and Backyard Blowouts are only enhanced by a refreshing dip in the water. Not Always!!!  –Wait; What?  That’s right, an uninvited guest could ruin all of the fun! Here’s the Video of a Surprise a Florida Family found in their pool! One more reason to take a good look into the water before you venture in ... Read More »


Cher was stunning at Sunday’s awards show!  At 71 she has something we all need more of, Confidence!  Looking like Cher, self assurance and poise aren’t difficult to muster.  We all need to take a lesson from Cher, especially with swimsuit season upon us!  \m/ Read More »

Yard Sale Season!

Every time I see one of these signs I can’t help but think of my son swishing past me on the ski slope, pointing uphill, and yelling, “Dad’s having a Yard Sale!”  Knowing the wipe out may be a bad one, I’d try to stay put until rejoined by  my other half, still trying to reattach his newly re-found gear, ... Read More »