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Summer is Super Soaker season! Inventor Mark Rober made sure he’s going to win every water gun fight with his world’s biggest Super Soaker. This thing is seven-feet long and eight-times the pressure of a fire truck hose. Surrender or get really wet, or as we see it, Soaked Supremely!  \m/ Read More »

Color Blind No More!

A 50-year-old man who’s been color blind his entire life and has seen everything in black and white, says he now understands why his pants are called blue jeans after an amazing gift from his family. Chris Smelcer recently celebrated his birthday and was given a pair of Enchroma glasses, which correct color blindness. As soon as he put them on, ... Read More »

Teacher’s Summer Vacation Project!

Yay!  School’s out!  Time for all of those things you can’t do in class, like Surfing, Fidget Spinning and Bottle Flipping! Even Teachers need to relax during the Summer, perhaps even trying things THEY don’t allow in their classrooms. Case in point, A 6th grade teacher named Nathan Marshall, like so many other teachers this year, put an end to ... Read More »

Deer, It’s Hot!

Oh Dear, Not a misspelling, I meant DEER! This is too cute! A New Jersey family has a new house guest who appears to just be using them for their pool. A young deer has been visiting them everyday to take a quick dip in their pool. She particularly likes to get a massage from the jets. Enjoy!  \m/ Read More »