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Extra Work!

Whilst in between radio jobs in Hawaii we gave Extra Work a shot.


It’s pretty fun!


You get to meet lots of people, have your hair and make up done by a professional, wear a wardrobe, eat from the catering company offerings, and maybe even meet a celebrity or two, all whilst picking up a paycheck.


If you have a reel of your work you’re likely to get more gigs.


What do over 40 TV shows, music videos, and commercials have in common?


Some Hollywood extra who was in each one.


He spliced all of his appearances together into two different videos, and then posted them online.


And there’s a third reel coming.

Enjoy! \m/


(Search for “Background Extra” . . . and “Background Extra Part 2.”  Each one is around a minute long.  )



Originally posted on October 29th, 2018