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Fun Flying Safety Video

Ahhhhh…Sweet Summer…almost over…still time for one last get away.

When you get onboard most airlines you’ll get the usual safety run down.

It’s important you pay attention, just in case the unthinkable were to happen.

Sometimes the dry presentations make that almost impossible.

On some airlines they’ve made it their mission to entertain you with the safety drill.

Turkish Airlines did a new safety video that stars the cast of “The Lego Movie”.

It also features animated superhero characters . . . like Batman, Robin, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

Check out the video below.  Enjoy! \m/

(Search for “Turkish Airlines:  Safety Video With The Lego Movie Characters.”  Batman shows up at 0:42, Robin at 1:02, Superman at 2:04, and Wonder Woman at 2:24.  Here’s a story.)