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MSC Releases Two Green Sea Turtles

Bergamot & Habanero

Ponce Inlet, FL – After months of rehabilitation at the Marine Science Center turtle hospital, two juvenile green sea turtles head home.

Beachgoers first found Bergamot, upside down on November 27th of last year in New Smyrna Beach.

Bergamot was transported by members of the New Smyrna Beach Turtle Trackers to the Marine Science center, where the turtle was treated for a low body temperature and predatory wounds to the head, neck and rear flippers.

Habanero was found close to a month later (December 28th) in New Smyrna as well. Habanero was missing its left front flipper, covered in algae and barnacles.

Treatment for both turtles included antibiotics, vitamin injections and fluids with electrolytes.

After both turtles made a full recovery, MSC released them at the Beach Street ramp in Ponce Inlet.

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Source:: News Daytona Beach