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Superbowl Ad Preview

Hey, do you really feel like waiting for the Big Game to watch the Ads?  We didn’t think so!  Here are a couple to get you started.  This year you might actually be able to make it through the Budweiser spot without a Kleenex!


For the past five years, Budweiser has used their Super Bowl commercials to TOY WITH YOUR EMOTIONS . . . starting with that sappy ad about the man being reunited with the horse that he raised.



Since then, they’ve regularly gone back to the ‘cute,’ tearjerker well.  Although, last year, they got a little meatier with a sentimental ad about IMMIGRATION, featuring the founder of Anheuser-Busch who came to the U.S. in the 1850s.



They got a little backlash about that one, so now, they’re playing it SAFER.  This year’s ad is about . . . Budweiser . . . and how much THEY’VE helped the disaster relief efforts in Houston, Florida, California, and Puerto Rico.



The ad shows their employees canning WATER out of their beer facilities, which then goes out to places in need.  It’s true, by the way.  They say they shipped out nearly 3 million cans of drinking water last year.



They set this year’s tear-jerker ad to a new version of “Stand By Me” sung by Skylar Grey(Here’s the ad.)




Did you know that Anheuser-Busch controls “exclusive category rights” on the Super Bowl . . . meaning that no other alcohol can advertise during the game?  Well, they do.


But Yellow Tail wine is trying to work around that for the second straight year by buying up local ad spots in 80 markets . . . however, all those local buys add up, and it gets to be even MORE expensive than buying one national ad.


Amazon is teasing their ad, which is about ‘Alexa’ losing her voice.


(Of course, Alexa is Amazon’s ‘Siri’.  Here’s the clip.)  Enjoy!  \m/




Guess what?  They’ve released More of the upcoming Superbowl ads!  No waiting…Enjoy!  \m/


The M&Ms ad where Danny DeVito plays a human version of the red M&M is out.  He walks around asking people stuff like, “Do you want to eat me?”





Peyton Manning stars in a commercial for Universal Studios theme park.





Amazon has an action-packed ad hyping their upcoming “Jack Ryan” show, starring John Krasinski from “The Office”.  The show premieres in August.





The final version of the Doritos / Mountain Dew ad with Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman doing a rap battle with the help of Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott is out.  It’s unclear if there will be additional follow-up spots or not.





Martha Stewart is starring in an ad for Jack in the Box.



 p.s.  Now that you’ve seen most of the Superbowl Commercials, you won’t be forced to choose between missing the game or missing the ads when you need to take a bathroom break!  You’re Welcome!  \m/