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A Guinness Record 835 Tuba Players Perform “O Tannenbaum”

The Kansas City symphony set a Guinness record for World’s Largest Tuba Ensemble last Friday . . . when 835 players performed “O Tannenbaum”.  The previous record was 502.     To qualify, the song had to last at least five minutes.  It was part of the Symphony’s annual TubaChristmas event, and the musicians ranged in age from 11 to ... Read More »

Hitting YOU with Holiday Cheer!

If you haven’t seen this yet, a firefighter named Brendan Edwards has been posting videos of himself having pillow fights with strangers on the streets of Boston.  He’s dressed as Buddy from the movie “Elf”, which lets people know he’s being silly.     He has two pillows and tosses one to the stranger hoping they’ll join him.  It’s harmless, ... Read More »

At The Movies

99.5 WLOV looks at upcoming movie releases

New in Theaters: “Mary Queen of Scots” and “Vox Lux”  Enjoy! \m/   1.  “Mary Queen of Scots“  (R)  Trailer  (Limited)     Saoirse Ronan is Mary Stuart, the Queen of the North.  She was married to the King of France at 16.  But instead of being forced into another political marriage after his death, she chose to return to Scotland ... Read More »

Marine Veteran FedEx Worker folds stranger’s fallen Flag

Those doorbell security cameras are always catching bad behavior, but this time it caught someone doing something that’s reminding us all that there are good people in the world. A homeowner in Maryland reviewed their home surveillance footage and saw a FedEx worker stop at their house, walk up to the front lawn and pick up a flagpole which had ... Read More »