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Secret Talent

If hard pressed we could probably All come up with a special something we do very well, which most of the people who know us didn’t have a clue of our proficiency. Need an example?  Consider Molly Ringwald’s character, Claire, in “The Breakfast Club.” She was able to apply lipstick in an unusual way. Tom Hanks is a multi-talented guy. ... Read More »

35 Years Ago…

Even if you don’t recall exactly what was going on in your life 35 years ago, you can be almost certain you were in front of a television in the evening.  Why? The final episode of M*A*S*H — which still holds the record for the most viewers for a non-sports TV program — aired 35 years ago tonight. A treaty ... Read More »

Love This Anthem Singer!

After seeing so many botched versions of our National Anthem, it’s nice to see someone do it Right! This happened a few months ago, but it’s going viral now. A high school girl named Christian Melton did an amazing a cappella version of the National Anthem before a basketball game. It’s not clear why there’s no mic, but it doesn’t ... Read More »

Don’t Do Windows…

A lot of us listen to 99.5 WLOV whilst we do chores. One of the least enjoyed chores around our place is cleaning windows. If you’d do just about anything rather than deal with streaks, this lady’s efforts will have you feeling a bit guilty. Somebody in Moldova posted video of a woman standing on the 5th floor ledge of ... Read More »