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Jumping Into the Holidays!

The Holidays are quickly approaching. Sometimes you just need to Jump in and get into the spirit. Sometimes you simply need a break. This is from a couple years ago, but it’s really amazing. It’s slo-mo video of a bobcat leaping over an ice-cold stream . . . and the leap seems to go on forever. According to the voice-over ... Read More »

Toy Story 4!!!!

The first teaser for “Toy Story 4” came out yesterday, and all your favorite characters are back . . . plus a new one.  His name is FORKY, and he’s a plastic fork with googly eyes and pipe cleaner arms.  Technically, he’s a SPORK, so maybe he should have been named “Sporky”?  What can I do?  Not my call.   ... Read More »

Extra Work!

Whilst in between radio jobs in Hawaii we gave Extra Work a shot.   It’s pretty fun!   You get to meet lots of people, have your hair and make up done by a professional, wear a wardrobe, eat from the catering company offerings, and maybe even meet a celebrity or two, all whilst picking up a paycheck.   If ... Read More »

Great Way to Grate Cheese!

Who Knew? The simplest of gadgets can have us fooled; we don’t know how to use them properly. Last time it was the can opener. This time around we find a better way to use a Box Cheese Grater! Enjoy! \m/ Read More »