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Baby Burpees!

Trying to get in shape seems so difficult when you’re an adult. Maybe we need to take a lesson from the littlest workout gurus… This adorable toddler shows off her impressive poolside fitness regimen. Enjoy!  \m/ Read More »

Deer, It’s Hot!

Oh Dear, Not a misspelling, I meant DEER! This is too cute! A New Jersey family has a new house guest who appears to just be using them for their pool. A young deer has been visiting them everyday to take a quick dip in their pool. She particularly likes to get a massage from the jets. Enjoy!  \m/ Read More »

Look BEFORE You Leap!

It’s Summer!!!  BBQs, Beach and Backyard Blowouts are only enhanced by a refreshing dip in the water. Not Always!!!  –Wait; What?  That’s right, an uninvited guest could ruin all of the fun! Here’s the Video of a Surprise a Florida Family found in their pool! One more reason to take a good look into the water before you venture in ... Read More »