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The Best a Man Can Be!

By now you’ve heard about the #MeToo movement.   Perhaps you’ve had to go through additional Human Resources training at Work.   Advertising agencies haven’t ignored this trend toward responsible behavior.   You’ll probably see this ad on the TV soon, but we thought it was worth a spotlight.   The shaving brand Gillette has launched a new ad campaign. ... Read More »


Striving for Perfection is one thing.   To achieve it is Incredible!   That’s what you’ll say when you see this Gymnast’s Perfect Routine!     A video has gone viral of UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi scoring a perfect 10 on her floor routine at Saturday’s Under Armour 2019 Collegiate Challenge.     Not only was the routine flawless, but ... Read More »

China’s Spacecraft Landing on the Far Side of the Moon

In case you haven’t seen this:  China’s National Space Administration has released new video of their lunar module descending and landing on the far side of the moon a couple of weeks ago.     The camera is positioned so that you see the surface of the moon getting closer and closer.  You can also see the absolute blackness of ... Read More »